Miglioranza Srl is present in the market since 1997

Logo Sanhart Miglioranza Marostica Vicenza Italy

It is building sheds for any kind of livestock farming, facilities for agriculture, warehouses, industry and commercial activities, all around Europe.
We are offering solutions in hot dip galvanized steel and painted. We can supply “turn key” projects in the field of avicolture and for the breeding beef cattle, always respecting environmental parameters and use requirements of your plants.

Miglioranza Srl is specialized in the construction of different types of wood and also in the removal of asbestos with relative new covering. The whole procedure is accomplished by personnel, highly qualified, provided with a special qualification certificate.

A well trained technical staff will propose to you the best solutions for your structures, using the most advanced design and structural analysis tools.

During the phases of the ongoing work, the company employs qualified personnel able to guarantee the ongoing of the job, in the respect of safety regulations.

The strengths of Miglioranza Srl are the respect of delivery timing agreed with the customers, together with an accurate assembling of our structures. We are always looking for innovative solutions, both for the building and for the materials used.